Meet Our Team

Mncedi Lali

Sport section and community

“I was born in Uitehage and grew up in Addo. I went to Bukani Primary School, Vusumzi Higher Primary School and Samnkelwe Senior Secondary School all in Addo Nomathamsanqa Location. I started coaching at High School where my School Teachers spotted the ability of becoming a great coach, I had an opportunity to rub shoulders with the best coaches locally and internationally. In 2017 I went to Argentina and stayed for a month, learning from some of the best coaches in Argentina, My football knowledge was broaden and I become more influential in the lives of the upcoming young footballers in the community. I’m the vehicle behind grassroot development in Addo”

Andile Meki

- Founder -
Sport section and community

“I was born on a farm called Sunland and then moved to Nomathansanqa 1993. I played first team soccer for a club called United Brothers in 1998. I was the youngest player at the time and then suffered a knee injury. From there I started to train kids and develop them from a grass root level.  I strive to produce players that will play professional football one day.”

Alejandro Lucas


“I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1970. I am married to Clemy and we have one daughter called Justina. I am agronomist by proffession and I’ve worked in the Agri-industry my whole life. As Argentinian I love football and I practiced it since I learnt my first steps. I live 10 years in South Africa were I became very closed to my actual partners in AFYA. All together, with passion and the support of many people, we gave some good moments to many children in Nomanthansanqua. I was very lucky to be born in a economical stable family and I want to share my experiences and opportunities with the community of Addo”

Juan Cruz Diaz

General Management, Strategy, Marketing and Coordinator

“My first trip to South Africa was in the year 2000 and I was impressed by its tradition, its culture and the passion of its people. It is an incredible country, to which I was able to connect directly and work there until today.
I have strong experience in the sport’s field, after several years in connection with the environment, whether as a journalist or as a businessman associated with the representation of athletes and the organization of sporting events. Creative professional that can adapt to the needs of the athletes and their relationship with the media and companies. Innovative, always trying to offer clients new directions and opportunities.
For more than 20 years I have been involved with charitable tasks in different countries of the world, being able to personally feel the satisfaction of seeing how people can be given instruments of improvement, and how living conditions can be improved in an incredible way just by contributing a little of each other’s time.”

Kristine Tudhope

Administration and Finance

“Growing up in Port Elizabeth, Addo has always been an amazing area to visit when in need of a break-away. It’s been a prime feature in anniversary celebrations over the years. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2015, I moved into entrepreneurship after spending some time in industry. I’m the Founder of UPvisor, and with exposure to finance, reporting, operations, logistics, and other functions in corporate, I’m uniquely positioned to bring my financial know-how, coupled with an understanding of operations and technology to my clients. I have a passion for developing potential in individuals, business owners and corporates through my financial consulting and training services. I’m so excited to see the difference that AFYA is making in the lives of children in the Addo area.”