Our Mission

AFYA’s main objective is the development of the individual as a whole, using football as a tool.  The objective is to provide the Addo community with a football program that prepares the youth emotionally and physically, not only for sport, but also by providing life skills and tools to encourage these youths to pursue a career through university, to advance in their workplace, or to succeed in life.


Football can be used as a catalyst to stop maladaptive behaviors in the community.  The use of football (and sport, in general) in this context is not automatic, and it needs proper planning as well as the commitment of the community.  AFYA’s objective is to help said community confront a variety of problems such as nutrition, physical and emotional health, life skills, development within the local community and, finally, bring opportunities of developing careers in and out of the world of football, such as in universities or the workforce.


To use football’s popularity to attract the community’s attention towards their common goals, that is, social development.  The idea is to balance football activities and social development with life skills where football can act as the catalyst.  These life skills would be integrated naturally and positively into the community.


Develop competitions and highlight talents, but not solely in the context of football.  AFYA will recruit and engage players in competition, with the goal of including all, even those that may not present as physically gifted or talented, but may display other positive and commendable qualities. This way, individuals will have opportunities to develop all types of skills and qualities, not limited to football-specific abilities.


Football has the potential of influencing people’s lives, both positively and negatively.   More than ever, it is being used as a tool to educate the population, with lessons learned in the sport being applicable to use in every day life, for the rest of one’s life.

The Game

Its enticing effect, its playful and inquisitive character allows for reflection of implied values practiced within sport.  A great deal of interactions take place in all sporting events, allowing contact and interaction between different groups, forging a mutual understanding, facilitating friendships between participants, and inviting families to share in the moment outside the field of play.

Conflict Management

Football can also bring about conflict during activity, including bringing valuable opportunities to develop conflict resolution skills.  It can also be used as a tool to highlight real differences that exist inside communities.  The magnitude of the social impact of this conflict resolution varies and depends on the community’s cultural context.


The works methodology is addressed through activities that deliver an educational message.